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PS Kit - Electronics Project Starter Kit

PS Kit

PS Kit - Electronics Project Starter Kit is fully loaded circuit making kit -
Includes all components, E-book, Video DVD and breadboard to give a start in circuit making and experimentation in electronics.
This Kit is a lite version of MY Kit, It doesn't includes Paper Panels, Aclyric Sheets and Box.
PS Kit is for all who want more for less price and you can still explore all potentials with circuits. The E-book comes with this kit and MY Kit are same.

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1. Breadboard method - Using breadboard is best for experiments as its safe, easy and fast method.

2. No Soldering needed - Soldering with hot iron not only needs caution for user but it can also destroy electronic components as they are temperature sensitive, High temperature can break the internal circuits of IC etc.

3. Battery Operated - No live supply, AA cells are the best option for any starter hobbyist as they are safe to use and are also safe for electronic components

4. All Spare parts are provided with the kit - Finding Spares is a big problem in electronics so we have already provided all the spares in this kit which are not only enough for circuit described in E-book but you can also make much more.

Concepts you learn from PS Kit - Basic Electronics Circuit deisgn, Ohm's Law, Flip-Flips, R-C Oscillators, Working of Transistors, Concept of Darlington Pair, Working of IC 555.

Recommended For- Senior secondary school students and hobbyists, who are inclined towards electronics or Computer engineering.

PS Kit contents
Breadboard Resistor pack 5 of each
Cell holder + cap 33 O- Orange-Orange-Black
Wires 100 O- Brown-Black-Brown
Wires – Breadboard 220 O- Red-Red-Brown
Wires – Connecting wire 330 O- Orange-Orange-Brown
Buttons and Switches 1 KO- Brown-Black-Red
On/off switch (Breadboard type) 2.2 KO- Red-Red-Red
4 Push Buttons (Breadboard type) 3.3 KO- Orange-Orange-Red
Sensors 4.7 KO- Yellow-Violet-Red
1 LDR 10 KO- Brown-Black-Orange
1 Piezo Speaker 33 KO- Orange-Orange-Orange
10 KO Var resistance 68 KO- Blue-Grey-Orange
LEDs 100 KO- Brown-Black-Yellow
10 Red LED 1 MO- Brown-Black-Green
2 Blue LED Capacitors
5 White LED 2 - 100 nf(104)
ICs 1 - 1 µf
1 IC555 1 - 10 µf
1 CD4017 1 - 47 µf
1 UM66 2 - 100 µf
Transistors 2 - 220 µf
3 BC547 Paper Box – 27,5cms*14cms*4cms
2 BC557 CD - with E-book and videos
1 BC108