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Optical Kit - 17 in 1 Light & Optical Experiments Project Kit

Optical Kit

Optical Kit - 17 in 1 Light & Optical Experiments Project Kit
Optical experiments kit is designed for teaching students optics. This kit converts point source of laser light to line source by using a special lens. All the experiments are documented in eBook given in a CD with this kit. More experiments are also possible. This kit uses unique method of holding lens and mirrors using clay. Classic candle light experiments are also included. All the materials are included in this kit.

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OP Kit - Content OP Kit - Content

Book Contents

Reflection of light
1.Reflection by Mirror
2.Reflection by Perpendicular mirror strips
3.Reflection by parallel mirror strips
4.Reflection by triangular mirror strips (Kaleidoscope)
5.Periscope with mirror strips.

Refraction of light
1.Glass slab experiment
2.Total internal Reflection - Prism Experiment
3.Spectrum Analysis with Prism

Image formation by Lens
1.Magnify glass experiment
2.Light convergence
3.Watching TV Pixels
4.Inverted objects by Magnifier
5.Image formation with Concave lens
6.Image formation with Convex lens
7.Image formation with Convex lens and plane mirror
8.Image formation with Concave mirror
9.Image formation with Convex mirror

Optical Kit contents
1. Prism
2. Glass Slab
3. Laser
4. Convex Mirror
5. Concave Mirror
6. Convex Lens
7. Concave Lens
8. Cylindrical Lens
9. Mirror Strips x 3
10. Round Mirror
11. Clay
12. CD with eBook
13. Magnifier
14. Candle