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FD Kit - Fun Duino Project Kit

FD Kit

Fun Duino is a Embedded Electronics Project Kit - its a self teaching Embedded Electronics DIY (do it yourself) kit, designed with easy to learn Fun duino microcontroller. which allows hobbyists to create their own usable gadgets. This kit is more towards reality and create practically usable and installable projects which is not easy otherwise.
Note: Funduino is compatible and similiar to Arduino Uno platform in design, coding and usage. However it is a community developed product, So it comes at low price with similiar circuitry.

Features of FD Kit -

Project - 15 Arduino Projects, comes along with illustrative project book. The projects and components come with FD kit are new and exciting, easy and pro. A mix of simple starter projects eventually lead to more expert level of projects which can be used to present in engineering schools labs. We start from operating a RGB LED to generate multiple colors from single LED and eventually we end up creating an Internet based email reader project, Sounds interesting!!

Components- All the components (LCD Screen + Microcontroller board + Sensors) along with jumper wires, breadboard and frameset included.

Battery Pack- 7.2v 1000 mah Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries with Charger. Powerful and light weight, suitable for all kind projects, Powerful enough to drive multiple DC motors and servos together with Duino board.

Installable- The Panels are able to be mounted on wall. Install anywhere outside, protects duino and other expensive circuitry.

Flexible- The frameset allows different components like LCD screen, Touch pad, embedded board,Servos, Jumper Wires, Geared Motors etc to be mounted. Strong and rugged design for practical usage.

FD Kit panels - There are 2 to 3 panels coming with FD kit - The number and type of panels come with FD kit may vary as our team members try to design better panels every time, they may change design to fit more and more components on these panels. As said the panels are designed to fit electronic components so that everything fits together to create a workable enclosure for your projects, Remember enclosures are important if you want to deploy your project out in field, garage, outdoor as it protects your precious electronics components and CPU from whether and sun.

Note: This kit is compatible with Arduino Uno R3 platform. However we dont use original Arduino branded boards. This kit comes with a compatible FunDuino Uno board.

More Features

1. More Embedded Projects - Over 15 projects and many more circuit ideas. With this kit, its possible to design your own new circuits. With Numerous projects available on Internet you can create a new project each day.

2. Breadboard method - Using breadboard is best for experiments as its safe, easy and fast method. FD kit comes with 3 breaboards that can be combined to create a big breadboard for complex circuits.

3. No Soldering needed - Soldering with hot iron not only needs caution for user but it can also destroy electronic components as they are temperature sensitive, High temperature can break the internal circuits of IC etc.

4. Battery Operated - No live supply, AA cells are the best option for any starter hobbyist as they are safe to use and are also safe for electronic components

5. All Spare parts are provided with the kit - Finding Spares is a big problem in electronics so we have already provided all the spares in this kit which are not only enough for circuit described in E-book but you can also make much more. Over 100+ parts in total.

6. Easy to disassemble kit parts for making/presenting projects in science fairs - This kit can be disassembled completely and assembled again to make the project presentable for science fairs or as Models.

A motivative, self teaching project kit, which covers basic laws and advanced concepts of electronics in a playful manner. Comes along with well descriptive free projects E-book which includes circuit designing guide, Video tutorials, all electronics components and Multimeter. Give possibilities to design and create new circuit ideas. Safe to use battery operation with no soldering needed.

An educative gift, highly recommended for Hobbyists, Engineering students school students and enthusiasts.


FD Kit contents
3 - Acrylic Panels Resistor pack 5pcs of each
Breadboard 33 Ohm- Orange-Orange-Black
Battery Pack 100 Ohm- Brown-Black-Brown
Embeded curcuits panels 220 Ohm- Red-Red-Brown
Fun Duino UNO 330 Ohm- Orange-Orange-Brown
IR Module 1 KOhm- Brown-Black-Red
LCD 2.2 KOhm- Red-Red-Red
Buttons and Switches 3.3 KOhm- Orange-Orange-Red
1 - On/Off switch - breadboard type 4.7 KOhm- Yellow-Violet-Red
5 - Push button - breadboard type 10 KOhm- Brown-Black-Orange
4 - Relays 33 KOhm- Orange-Orange-Orange
Sensors 68 KOhm- Blue-Grey-Orange
1 - LDR 100 KOhm- Brown-Black-Yellow
1 - Piezo Speaker 1 MOhm- Brown-Black-Green
1 - LM35 - Temperature Sensor Capacitors
1 - TSOP - IR Sensor 2 - 1 nf (102)
1 - Microphone - Sound Sensor 2 - 10 nf (103)
3 - 10 KOhm Var. Resistance 2 - 100 nf (104)
LEDs and Diodes Wires
10 - Red LED 1 mtr - Wires – Breadboard
2 - RGB LED 10 - Jumper wire
5 - IN 4148 Bolts & Nuts
Transistors 4 - ?cm(? inch) Bolt and 6 nuts
5 - BC547 15 - 1,75cm(0.5 inch)- 2mm thin Bolt and nut
5 - BC557 Paper Box – 27,5cms*14cms*4cms
  DVD with E-Book with Programs

FD Kit - Projects
1. RGB LED 8. Thermometer
2. Just Display with LCD 9. Luxmeter
3. Appliance Timer 10. IR Range Sensor
4. Dice 11. E-Password Application
5. Remote Appliance Controls 12. Email Reader
6. Strobe Lights 13. Internet Based Remote Switch
7. Fountain  

Packages For Sale -

Ebay price: Rs 2899/- + Rs 150/- Shipping Charges

Ebay price: Rs 2099/- + Free Shipping Charges

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Ebay price: Rs 1599/- + Free Shipping Charges

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