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E-Bench Kit - Electronics Student Workbench Kit

EB Kit view

Electronics Student Workbench - is the complete and ultimate circuit making kit -
Includes all components, E-book, Video DVD to give a platform in circuit making and experimentation in electronics.
This Kit is for students who want to experiment, test, and design circuits and projects on their own.
The E-book comes with this kit includes basic and advance electronics concept along with exciting circuits. It also contains a circuit designing guide, which actually teaches the user to design his/her own circuits.

Kit highlights - Infrared based circuit, Microphone based Audio circuit, Light sensor based Circuit, Temperature sensor, Multimeter based test & meassurement projects etc

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Workbench Workbench Workbench


1. 50 Projects - Over 50 projects and many more circuit ideas. With this kit, its possible to design your own new circuits.

2. Breadboard method - Using breadboard is best for experiments as its safe, easy and fast method.

3. No Soldering needed - Soldering with hot iron not only needs caution for user but it can also destroy electronic components as they are temperature sensitive, High temperature can break the internal circuits of IC etc.

4. Battery Operated - No live supply, AA cells are the best option for any starter hobbyist as they are safe to use and are also safe for electronic components

5. Multimeter for test and measurement - Multimeter is essential when your circuit is not behaving as you expected and you need to troubleshoot it.

6. All Spare parts are provided with the kit - Finding Spares is a big problem in electronics so we have already provided all the spares in this kit which are not only enough for circuit described in E-book but you can also make much more. Over 130 parts in total.

7. Easy to disassemble kit parts for making/presenting projects in science fairs - This kit can be disassembled completely and assembled again on a cardboard to make the project presentable for science fairs or as WorkbenchModels.

A motivative, self teaching project kit, which covers basic laws and advanced concepts of electronics in a playful manner. Comes along with well descriptive free projects E-book which includes circuit designing guide, Video tutorials, all electronics components and Multimeter. Give possibilities to design and create new circuit ideas. Safe to use battery operation with no soldering needed.

An educative gift, highly recommended for senior secondary (class 10 or above) and engineering students Or electronics hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Concepts you learn from E-bench - Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's laws, Flip-Flips, Wheatstone Bridge, R-C Oscillators, Working of Diode, Transistor Concepts, Voltmeter, Ammeter Concept, Working of IC 555, Test and measurement of Electronics compoenets with multimeter, Circuit designing with transistors and various sensors.

Contents -

E-Bench Kit contents
Multimeter Resistor pack 5 of each
2 - Breadboard 33 Ohm- Orange-Orange-Black
Cell holder + cap 100 Ohm- Brown-Black-Brown
Cell holder sticker 220 Ohm- Red-Red-Brown
Panel accessories 330 Ohm- Orange-Orange-Brown
5 - 10 KOhm Var resistance 1 KOhm- Brown-Black-Red
5 - Regulator Knob 2.2 KOhm- Red-Red-Red
4 - On/Off switch 3.3 KOhm- Orange-Orange-Red
1 - 3,5mms jack port 4.7 KOhm- Yellow-Violet-Red
1 - Positive port 10 KOhm- Brown-Black-Orange
1 - Negative port 33 KOhm- Orange-Orange-Orange
Wires 68 KOhm- Blue-Grey-Orange
Wires - Breadboard 100 KOhm- Brown-Black-Yellow
Wires - Connecting wire 1 MOhm- Brown-Black-Green
Buttons and Switches Transistors
1 - On/Off switch (Breadboard type) 5 - BC547
4 - Push Buttons (Breadboard type) 3 - BC557
2 - Relays 1 - BC108
Sensors Capacitors
1 - IR Sensor - TSOP 1838 2 - 1 nf (102)
1 - IR LED 2 - 10 nf (103)
1 - LDR - Light Sensor 4 - 100 nf (104)
1 - Piezo Speaker 1 - 1 uf
1 - Thermistor - Temperature Sensor 1 - 10 uf
1 - MIC - Sound Sensor 1 - 47 uf
LEDs and Diodes 2 - 100 uf
10 - Red LED 2 - 220 uf
2 - Blue LED Bolts&Nuts
5 - White LED 6 - Bolt, 3 Nuts and 2 Washers
1 - RGB LED (4 pins) 3 - Bolt, Nut and 2 Washers
5 - Diode IN 4148 Box - 30cms(12")*19cms(7.5")*4cms(1.5")
ICs DVD with E-book
2 - IC555 2 - Acrylic panel
1 - CD4017 5 - LED holders
1 - UM66