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Bug Robot --- Comming Soon!

Bug Robot

This bug is not only machine as you may think about it. It is having its own character, Not Programmatically but It walks like a bug, It can go front and can also go backwards, It can dance when it wants. Although It looks like a machine to us, It looks like a real dangerous bug to our dog and he runs away. This Bug not only teaches students how to design legged animal movements, it also take them closer to nature and to let them observe the patterns of walking in different animals.

About Bug Design - Designed with flexible, bendable Acrylic and flexible tough sleeved copper wire, This bug can withstand rough handling and free fall from about 1 metre. The arduino circuit is fitted with screws on acrylic sheet. This bug works with light weight Li ion batteries and micro servos which makes a high power to weight ratio. The micro servos comes with this bug are able to drive the bug smoothly with low power rating.

Working Mode - The kit comes with different programs which can be customized as needed. The main programs are - Normal forward motion, slow motion, Dancing mode, Forward and backward together.

Bug Robot contents
1. Micro Servos - 2 pc
2. Acrylic body - 2 pcs
3. Wires - 1 meter
4. DVD with Programs, Assembling Instructions PDF, Images and Videos
5. Arduino - optional (in complete package)
6. Batteries - optional (in complete package)

Cost justification - Since we are using lightweight and powerful spares like - micro servos and Li-Ion batteries. Along with easy to use Arduino platform. The cost associated with this project is worth it. In order to reduce the cost we are selling the Bug kit in disassembled form as a complete package as well as in partial package which does not include batteries and arduino.

Partial Package - All spares parts except Arduino and batteries. Please note: With partial package you will be provided with program without arduino, you may write program in our personal arduino, Also the bug can be ran with USB power from PC, So batteries are only required if you want to run bug independently.

Ebay price: Rs 1200/- + Rs 100/- Shipping Charges

To buy Arduino separately Click Here

To buy Li-ion Batteries Click Here

Full package - A full bug robot kit includes all the spares along with already programmed Arduino board and and Li-ion batteries.

Ebay price: Rs 3000/- + Rs 100/- Shipping Charges

Offline price: Rs 2700/- + Rs 100/- Shipping Charges

Bug Robot Bug Robot

Designing a bug was a challenge. A challenge similar to that of a child, who start to walk and fell down again and again. Keep trying and finally make it happen.