Electronics Project Books

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Revised Edition 3

30 Projects, Compatible Kits: MY Kit & PS Kit

This Book provides a practical hands on learning experience to the students who are curious towards the wonderful world of electronics. The projects created in this E-book explains important basic electronic concepts in simple and descriptive manner. Every possible effort has been made to make/include in this E-book following features-


1. Self Descriptive

2. Rich Images and Illustrations.

3. Easy to make Projects

4. Battery Operated and Safe circuits.

5. Emphasis on Electronics Concepts.

Download E-book from Scribd (Revised Edition 3)

E-Bench Kit Book

Revised Edition 4

50 Projects, Compatible Kits: EBench Kit and PM Kit

Download E-book from Jumpshare(Revised Edition 4)
Download E-book from Filedropper(Revised Edition 4)

3in1 Robotic Kit Book manual

3 in 1 Robotic Instruction Manual

3 Robots, Compatible Kits: 3 in 1 Robotic Kit

Download Manual from Jumpshare(Edition 1)
Download Manual from Filedropper(Edition 1)