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Working With chargeable Mobile Batteries

Using AAA cells is costly, Also over the time they go weak and give lesser and lesser voltage supply which may be not sufficient for your circuits. While searching for a economical alternative I found that buying a mobile phone battery for hobby projects is a good option. You may also borrow battery from one of your old mobile not in use. After all most of us are having an inventory of 1-2 old mobiles at home. So why not to use them for good.

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A common mistake in Breadboards

While making circuits I came across a common mistake in breadboards, which i feel should be highlighted to avoid unnecessary frustrations.

First lets talk about how bread board's internal wiring is organized. The top and bottom two rows of any breadboard are horizontally connected, that means if you insert a battery wire at the top left corner of breadboard, you will get that current on the top right most corner of breadboard. Ideally it is correct and thats how it should work (Please refer figure on the left side).

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Intro Video for Hobby Electronics, 3D Printing, Developing Hobby & Start Earning - Part I

Hi there guys, this is our official video from Hobby Electronics. In this new blog series, I will be going through our products and manufacturing process we follow to get you an insight of our we work and create new products and how we can convert a small hobby to business.

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