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Working With chargeable Mobile Batteries

Using AAA cells is costly, Also over the time they go weak and give lesser and lesser voltage supply which may be not sufficient for your circuits. While searching for a economical alternative I found that buying a mobile phone battery for hobby projects is a good option. You may also borrow battery from one of your old mobile not in use. After all most of us are having an inventory of 1-2 old mobiles at home. So why not to use them for good.

The battery which I am showing here in below figure is from my samsung corby phone.(Picture on the left side).

It’s a 3.7 volts battery which is approx same as four AAA cells combined together in series (4.8 v). Also mobile batteries have higher current rating, which means they are more powerful then cell. It also means that they can be bit more lethal for circuit components, if you made mistake. In other words, which making a circuit using a rechargeable battery like mobile battery or other rechargeable camera battery, you should be more careful because of high current output, they have high power (Power = voltage * current) which means if you make a short circuit in your circuit, It is having enough power to burn the wires, transistors and ICs in a second. :)

Here is a very simple circuit which I am making here below.

I have managed to connect battery on side panel of E-Bench, You can also create a plastic hook to fix it more properly.

This is also very useful circuit especially when you have power cut at house. This can give you a very useful candle like light, intense enough to enlighten room. For getting more light, you can even increase number of LEDs in parallel connections to existing LEDs.

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