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A common mistake in Breadboards

While making circuits I came across a common mistake in breadboards, which i feel should be highlighted to avoid unnecessary frustrations.

First lets talk about how bread board's internal wiring is organized. The top and bottom two rows of any breadboard are horizontally connected, that means if you insert a battery wire at the top left corner of breadboard, you will get that current on the top right most corner of breadboard. Ideally it is correct and thats how it should work (Please refer figure on the left side).

But I have observed that this is not true always and there is a broken link somewhere at the centre of rows.

This broken connection will trouble all those who are using top two and bottom two row of breadboard. As an easy fix you can take one wire and connect it to these two ends of breadboard. Please refer below figure to see how to fix this problem.

Here, the black line is showing a wire which is connected to last two end holes of the board, you may use similar wires for all four rows (two top and two bottom).

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