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3 in 1 Robotic Kit

3in1 Robotic Kit

Robotic Cart platform consists 3 robotic projects-

1) Obstacle avoiding Robotic cart Kit

2) Line Follower Robot

3) Inchworm

The Robotic Cart platform provides a platform to students to develop different type of robotic vehicles for academic projects. The basic materials supplied with this platform can be assembled together to create a working 4 wheel car capable to move forward, backward and to turn in both directions (left and right), Further assembly and program will extend to a working 4 wheeled robot that can detect and avoid obstacles on its way.

1) Obstacle Avoiding Robot - This wheeled cart comes with a metallic frame preholed to assemble parts on it. It comes with 4 geared DC motors which are powerful enough to drag almost double the current weight of robot. With this power, cart is able to climb obstacles of around 2-3 cms in height and climb slope of about 45 degrees. The IR Range sensor fitted on this Robot allows it to detect the obstacles in front ,according to which Robot changes the direction of motion. The logic of obstacle detection and change of direction is written in program which comes with this robot. This program can be modified to change the logic as required. Full Video and Images of working robot along with 3D wiring diagram and assembling instructions is provided in this DVD which comes along with this kit.

2) Line Follower - A line follower robot is a two wheels cart robot which follows a black colored line. It can take sharp turn, follow zigzag patterns and make difficult movements all because it just fol-lows a line and that line can be drawn straight or zigzag or like a wave, that’s why many things are possible in this robot.

3) Inchworm - Walks like an Inchworm, this robot wakls beautifully, Combining microcontroller's precise controlling capability and some imagination this robot can also be extended to make more natural moves and tricks.

3in1 Robotic Kit contents
1. Metallic frame - 3 pcs 21.* UNO R3 - 1 pc
2. Geared DC motors - 4 pcs 22.* USB connecting cable
3. Wheel - 4 pcs 23.* Rechargeable cells - 8 pcs
4. Breadboard - 1 pc 24.* Cell Charger - 1 pc
5. IC L293 - H-Bridge - 2 pcs 25. 3.5 mm Male power jack - 1 pc
6. IR Range Sensor - 1 pc * marked items are only in Complete Package
7. Blue LED - 4 pcs
8. White LED - 4 pcs
9. LDR - 4 pcs
10. On/Off Switch - 1pc
11. 33 Ohm Resistance - 5 pcs
12. 100 Ohm Resistance - 5 pcs
13. Big screw, 4 washers and 3 nuts - 2 pcs
14. Small screw and nut - 8 pcs
15. Cell holder + cap - 2 pcs
16. Breadboard wire - 1 pack
17. Male Jumper wire - 15 pcs
18. Female Jumper wire - 7 pcs
19. Double side tape - 30 cms
20. Video DVD with E-Manual and flyer - 1 pc

Please Note: We provide Arduino program with this cart, If you are using some other microcontroller, you can still use cart platform. Arduino and its external batteries are not supplied in this Package. Please buy Arduino Separately if you don’t have it already.
This Product will be available soon, It is currently out of stock

Partial Package without Arduino and Batteries
Ebay price: Rs 2100/- + Free Shipping Charges

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Complete Package with all included
Amazon price: Rs 2725/- + Rs 50/- Shipping Charges

Ebay price: Rs 2925/- + Free Shipping Charges

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3in1 Robotic Kit - Spares Spare parts which can be assembled. 3in1 Robotic Kit - Spares 3in1 Robotic Kit - Cart